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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

granny square chic purse

i'm trying to use up all the odds and ends (of which there are thousands) that make up my craft pile. the main offender at the mo is embroidery floss, it's cheap (89p before staff discount) and comes in every colour, so naturally i have pretty much every colour, and i'm something of a messy fellow so, well, basically there's a football sized tangle of thread sitting by my bed that needs to be used up! i quite like crocheting with it and the ladies at the knit and natter at work (mondays 6.15-7.45) were learning how to make granny squares this week so i made a couple of dainty granny squares. which got turned into a purse-bag-thing:

for  crocheting with embroidery floss/thread i use a 1.75mm hook, the thread lends itself to splitting but you get used to that. i should have put something in the picture to indicate size, you can't tell but it's rather small at 13cm but 13cm (ish). i was going to line it but it looked prettier without the interuption, and the holes are so small it hardly matters.

anyways, to make! you will need: 1.75mm hook, embroidery floss/threads (leftovers will do), a bag clasp (mines 12.8cm across and 5cm tall but so long as it's one that will fit a square any size would work) and glue, i used tacky glue.

for those of you who don't know how to make a granny square, here are my rather sketchy you may notice, this is my first attempt at writing crochet instructions:

4ch ss into 1st chain to make circle

row 1 - 3ch(acts as first treble), 2tr into 4ch circle, ch1 (3tr into 4ch circle, 1ch) 3 times, ss into 3rd chain of first 'treble'

you should have a little circle made up of 4 groups of 3 trebles, separated by 1chain spaces.

row 2 - (grab new colour, join at a chain space and) 3ch (again, acts as first treble), 2tr into chain space at the base of your 3ch, 1ch, 3tr into same chain space, 1ch, (3tr, 1ch, 3tr into next chain space, 1ch) 3 times, ss into 3rd chain of your initial 'treble'.

things should be looking a bit more square now, from here on out it's pretty repetitive...

row 3 to row (insert number here) - join a colour at a space, chain 3(acts as treble). now, basically, for each chain space on a side of your square you want there to be 3tr, and for each corner you want 3tr, 1ch, 3tr. all groups of 3tr should be separated by 1ch, and once you've worked your way around your square you ss into the 3rd chain of your started 'treble'.

keep going until your square fits your clasp. then make another one the same size, crochet or sew them together leaving the edges which are to fit into your claps free. lastly, glue one to the other with very strong glue. BAG!

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