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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

having a go at chainmail - both easier and more fiddly than it looks

now, i really should have looked at some instructions or a book or something, anything, before i dived straight in. but i didn't, instead i found a high resolution photo of someone's bracelet online, grabbed my jewellery pliers and a bag of jump rings and had a go : ) it went alright all things considered. though i'm not sure what to do with it yet, continue and finish the bracelet? or stick it onto a hair clip for a mock steampunk-geisha look?

to make it i kind of took one hoop, opened it up, threaded on another four, closed it to make a grouping of five. with this i took another open hoop and attached it to another grouping of five. i continued in this way until i had a long enough bit to realise that it was far too thin for what i had pictured, so made a second line and joined the two. and if you can follow those instructions then you must be psychic, or just really, really smart.

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