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Friday, 21 June 2013

friendship bracelets and the joy of teaching

as i've mentioned on here before i run a little arts and crafts group for quite young home schooled kids every monday at work, but on the the first monday of every month i get an older group of kids who told me that they wanted to learn how to make friendship bracelets : ) how wonderful is that? so i put together a couple of examples off the different types of friendship bracelet that i could teach them and away we went:

we started with the beginner one and by the end of our two hours everyone had successfully made a bracelet! i was so proud! but, i was also a bit jealous, as i didn't manage to make my own while buzzing about teaching all the others. so i went home and made a couple of summery/hippy ones for myself:

one is the 'bit less beginner' one and the other is basic macrame using embroidery thread around a cord with a button in the middle of it. i'm very happy with the result, though can't help but thinking that on the summer bracelet front more is better! so i may have to make a couple more.

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