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Sunday, 2 June 2013

peg doll horse! with somewhat vague instructions...

i couldn't help but notice that peg people seem to be a thing. a strange thing. ranging from a zombie army chess set to a badly made nativity scene. i got it into my head that i would make cool philosophers with their friends: nietzsche with the horse her thought was jesus, schrodinger and his cat in a box, escher in one of his more famous pictures...made out of felt...with a round piece of velcro on escher's you could stick peg-escher into the odd felt sculpture at any angle (it's possible that i've thought about this too long). sadly i only got as far as nietzsche's horse, as i realised that such a thing did not seem to have been made (and put online) yet! what what?! here's my peg horse:

pretty, yes? he's easy enough to make, just take three pegs and saw them like so:

yes, i am aware that the doodle is somewhat pants, but you get the idea. once you have your horse pieces, fix them together with a glue gun, then try and fill in the gaps left behind with pva or similar. at which point it should look a little something like this:

now just paint him to look cute, though you may want to add whip marks if you're going down the nietzsche route.

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