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Saturday, 1 June 2013

playing with my pyrography pen : )

i have a pyrography pen! oh how i have wanted one of these for the longest time!! there'll never be a boring frame or plain belt in my life again : D joy! of course, some practice is in order when playing with potentially burny pointy i doodled on some spoons:

i made one for my baker friend who has an ace cake blog, the other is the first few lines of the owl and the pussy-cat, because it's cool. using the pen is pretty easy, if a bit nerve wracking (i only burnt myself once, and it was only small), you do pretty much just use it like a pen...the nib of which burns stuff. the whole thing is very fun and smells like a tiny bonfire. will have to scout the charity shops for some leather goodies to take apart, back on ditsy prints, attack with a pointy thing and then make pretty with my new pyro-pen.  

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