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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

i'm a girl on a mission

a couple of days ago i ordered a free recipe book online. it's arrival today has made me so super happy that i have decided to put together a beautiful recipe booklet of my own, and then hand it in to a charity shop somewhere. BUT I NEED HELP!!!!!! i really can't cook and don't have many recipes so please, if you have any to submit for psudo-publishing then i would be very grateful : )

watch this space for the finished product.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

not quite ice cream

i got an ice cream maker yesterday and was super excited! then i used it and it stopped working within its first hour. this makes me sad as i had great plans for it but not to worry- i have lychee, lime and mint slushys to look forward to instead.

it is just a can of lychees in syrup with a table spoon of lime juice and some mint leaves blitzed and then frozen, still very yummy though!

however i am going to invest in a better ice cream maker come pay day, as i think the sorbet diet is going to be/should be the next big thing : p

Monday, 27 February 2012

very yellow body necklace

so, i'm not terribly convinced that body necklaces will catch on in everyday life. most of them on the high street cost somewhere between £20-£40 and won't look good on anyone who has any body shape that isn't pole-thin.
however, i'm thinking i can pull off this asymmetric gold number over something very plain...and maybe then only at night.
i happened over 4 meters of gold chain i bought off e-bay a while back when 'tidying' my room this morning (for 'tidying' see 'hiding mess under bed/in cupboards'). so out came the jewelry pliers! though please note, if you're planning on making one, don't forget to put a clasp on the back of the neck bit or back bit depending, otherwise you can't get out of it and you'll just have to wear it forever.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

my animal dress

it only took a couple of months to get around to doing it but:

so my boss was like, "i have this bedsheet that i bought, put on the bed, was repulsed by, and now it's going to charity if you don't want it", and i was like, "i could make a dress out of it", and she was all, "you HAVE to make a dress out of it".

i didn't have a pattern for this one, i just made a circle skirt, a thick waist band, and bit's that join at the shoulder to cover everything else - though it may need a vesty top underneath.

it only took a couple of hours, managed to bake a cake while i was in the middle of it too, which considering the day i've had at work makes for one full day of stuff!

oh, i did have to buy a yellow 14" zip for the back, making the total cost of my animal dress £2.50.

Friday, 24 February 2012

sending friends nice things...

my friend and workmate got her ears pierced last friday so i've made her some earrings which i shall send her in the post - i do see her like 4 days a week as we have work and uni together but getting things in the post is always exciting! i should point out that i only made the dangly ones (the skull with feathers, the frying pan, the bike, the mini garden shears and the bird with feather). the studs are all the unused dregs from those earring selections, you know, the ones where you like 3 of the 10 in the set but you buy the set anyway. anyways, it only took some beads, some feathers, some dolls house stuff and ear wires to make.

none match because asymmetry is cool.

it's the little things...

the boyfriend wears glasses, and has a habit of putting them down, forgetting where he's placed them, and as he's not wearing them they prove pesky to find. the most obvious solution to his problem was to make him a 'glasses hotel'. obviously. it was just a case of cutting up an old, ripped silk top (it was dry clean only but had survived several years of being put through the washing machine and dryer before dying on me) and sewing up the edges, writing on it with fabric pen and pinning it to the wall.
i was never going to get that deposit back anyway.

first post

for this first post i'm putting in a couple of things i've made in the last couple of weeks:

i think i managed to cover my face with the camera rather artfully here. the thing i'm trying to show off is the gold laurel wreath - it took almost no time at all, just the cheapest hair band i could find teamed with some silk leaves with bendy wire stems. it was just a case of wrapping the wire around the hair band while sitting in my doorway talking to my flatmate about her plans to scare me while i'm sleeping (i have very silly flatmates!). of course you have to make sure that the pokey-outy bits of the ends of the wire are on the side of the band not touching your head, otherwise things could be uncomfy.

now have you ever seen the movie 'how to steal a million'? it's a very silly audrey hepburn/peter o'toole rom-com-heist movie with a memorable scene in which hepburn's charater is 'in disguise'. i attempted to emulate the mask she wore in that scene for my boyfriend's flatmate's masquerade flat party thing. i believe her mask was made by hubert de givenchy along with all the other costumes in the film, i however had only an hour between work ending and the party starting to scoff a tuna baguette and sew two bits of ribbon together in the nearest cafe! given the time limit i'm quite proud of the shapping a managed on the nose and cheeks. although quite effective as a statement piece, it does obscure the vision somewhat...although one should of course value looks above practicality so it is of no matter.