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Thursday, 16 May 2013

embroidered fox collar dress!

i was out shopping with an old friend when we spotted the best, most blank dress ever, it practically begged to be customized, so customize it i did:

it's not a particularly sophisticated piece of embroidery, essentially just random running stitch in the shape of a fox, but i'm rather fond of it! i drew the basic shape in pencil and then got out the embroidery hoop. i don't know if i'm going to dip dye the hem as well, or something, anything : D there's just so many possibilities with a dress this plain!! yay! 

homemade lavender eye mask : )

it's been an age since i last had a chance to post! uni was coming to an end and essays and presentations took over for a bit there, but i'm back! and i have been making things while i was away. one of these was this eye mask:

it was super easy, i just found a cheapo eye mask which was lying around, drew around it on two different fabrics and some wadding, layered them with the fabrics right sides together and the wadding on top, tucked in some ribbon on either side and hand stitched the lot together (leaving a little gap so i could turn it inside out). ladder stitch and press to finish. oh! and if you want it smelling nice then pop some dried lavender in before sewing up the hole after turning : )