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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

button jewellery for little girls....and grown ups

as one might expect i have what might be referred to as a gargantuan number of buttons, they serve no actual purpose other than to be there, just in case. you never know when you're going to look at a much loved cardie and say, "oh god! that needs bright yellow bee buttons today or it just won't go with my outfit!"

...anyways, i have a little sister who isn't too girly. I think that every little girl needs jewellery, and as christmas is coming up she'll get some from me, but as she's a little girl it'll probably get broken or lost within moments of her opening her JEWELLERY:

there's a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring. all the buttons, findings and string were already waiting in my craft pile (yes it's a pile....i desperately need to tidy my room), so these were essentially free! so she can break or lose them as she sees fit.

i wasn't sure it they were a bit lame, i mean she's not that little, she probably knows more about computers than i do (i really hope she doesn't check my blog or there'll be no surprises, also sorry for the lack of posts - parents check this so i can't post all the awesome stuff i've made them until after christmas). anyway, so i test drove the necklace and became instantly jealous because it's quite ace. so i made a grown up button bracelet and some miss-match earrings to go with it:

i've since given the bracelet away, but at least i get to keep the button earrings : )


  1. I adore making button jewellery (I make earrings) they are great fun to do! How did you sew the necklaces- did you just weave the thread through two of the holes and then tie a knot? I'd love to know as my previous button necklace experiments have been hopeless!x

    1. oh i am glad you like them! it's two pieces of thread that you need for the necklace - for each button you thread one of the threads front-to-back and then through to the front again, and the other thread you go from back-to-front and back again. i don't know if that's helpful : s and yes - there's a knot either side of the button.

      good luck with your next attempt! x