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Sunday, 30 December 2012

felt superhero masks

now these AREN'T MY OWN DESIGN though it wasn't obvious who came up with these first as i copied the idea from someone who copied the idea from someone who etc. etc. so apologies for the lack of link. though hopefully you won't need one once you've seen this picture:

they were so easy to make! and so effective : ) my little brother looked very cute in them. incase it's not obvious that one in the top left is meant to be superman.
to make these you will need:
- sheets of felt
- elastic
- something eye-mask shaped to draw around (i used an eye mask)
- a pen
- pva glue
- scrap paper
- scissors
- large eyed needle
to make these:
- draw around your eye mask shaped thing on your scrap paper to make a stencil
- make appropriate alterations to your stencil, depends on which superhero you're doing
- cut out stencil
- draw around said stencil onto felt with pen
- cut out
- add: felt with glue if needed (superman, hulk, iron man) or pen for spiderman
- thread needle with elastic
- put mask and needle-threaded-with-elastic together to make a mask you can wear

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