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Thursday, 13 December 2012

measuring cup candles : )

i'm hoping that my aunts don't read this blog - if you're my aunt, LOOK AWAY NOW!!

anyway, you might have noticed that christmas is coming up, and as such the challenge of getting non offensive gifts for family members you only see at christmas is upon us. surprise surprise i'm making a lot of the things i'm giving this year, and one luck lady (or a lady who will politely pretend that she's lucky in getting these) will get these:

they're quite cute and a little bit kitch and smell of eucalyptus and rosemary. i probably won't be telling my aunt that i picked up the ceramic measuring cups at pound land (what can i say? i was not expecting the first attempt to go so well!), i might have to go back and get myself a set for the kitchen...

making candles

  1. attach wick to bottom of mould/vintage tea cup/jam jar with a bit of clay (or some other non flammable, non toxic small sticky thing)
  2. tie other end of wick to a lolly pop stick and rest on top of the mould with help from blue tack
  3.  melt wax pellets/broken up old candles the way you melt chocolate
  4. pour into mould when liquidy, add smellies at this point
  5. leave to dry
  6. admire

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