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Thursday, 13 December 2012

doily snowflakes

....ok, not only did i copy my friends idea about having paper snowflakes on the windows, i also cheated by following instructions as to where to snip my doilies from pinterest! so i feel a bit like a christmas fraud, but at least they look the part:

i went for doilies as i happened to pick some up from work a while back (£1 for 40 mini ones), to my shame i have never really been sure what to do with them, but they're extra thin so great for folding and the lacy edge bit makes them look more snowflakey. the thing to remember when making snowflakes is that they're meant to have 6 sides - something about water  molecules forming hexagons when they freeze (also why water expands when it freezes), this makes all real snowflakes some variation on a hexagon 4 is too few and 8 too many in paper snowflakes anyway.

i am quite tempted to make some out of felt and cover them with sequins for my tiny tree - it's so small you can't really see it for the decorations! : ) 

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