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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

chipped ice mirror cake

my awesome friend is having a strictly come dancing themed christmas dinner. she said not to go too overboard as it's only me and the boyfriend coming (because everyone else is lame!), so i did this to a christmas pudding:

now, i must say, it looks ace! i was meant to be a mirror ball but it turns out that breaking up a melted sheet of boiled mints into perfect squares (or any kinds of squares) is impossible. i may have made my sheet of mint too thick so i've no clue how we're going to go about eating this, but i feel that the effort will be appreciated : )

to make edible mirror tiles:

you will need - cheep bag of boiled mints, edible silver food spray, and holographic edible glitter (optional)

1. preheat oven to 160 degrees
2. line oven proof dish with tin foil
3. crush mints in a bag with a rolling pin (this is very good for relieving stress)
4. put mint crumbs in foiled thing and put in oven
5. check on it every now and again and take out when it's liquidy
6. sprinkle on the glitter if you managed to find some
7. once it's cooled, removed from foil and spray with silver spray on one side (glittered side)
8. break up carefully with knife (i didn't have safety goggles so wore sunglasses for this bit- you should do something similar)
9. press into or stick onto food you want mirrored
10. figure out how to eat it
11. enjoy!  


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