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Thursday, 15 November 2012

movember rosettes, first attempt at etsy

i've been trying to raise money for movember, it's a bit slow going but have a few things in the pipeline do hopefully it'll pick up a bit. here's mo mospace

anyways, thought i'd finally have a go at listing something on etsy...been a bit apprehensive about doing this as i've always been worried that no one would by the stuff i've made! but selling things on the pudsey stall helped with my confidence there, plus there's loads of really terrible stuff on etsy so maybe i'll be ok : ) here's my shop so far (there'll be more stuff going on there in the next few days...only opened it today!).

they were really quite fun to make, i had simply cut out circles of fabric, did a loose running stitch along the edge and pulled it like a draw-string bag, cut a circle out of felt with pinking sheers, cut out a felt moustache shape, cut two bits of ribbon, stuck it all together with a glue gun and sewed a brooch pin to the back. easy peasey! now i just hope i didn't price them too high at £3 a pop...

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