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Monday, 1 April 2013

butterfly headbands and flower hairbands

work was raising money for together for short lives at the weekend, so i made some hair things to sell to help raise funds : ) which was far easier and less scary than the face painting i ended up doing....all the children seemed to be happy with their butterfly face paints so i guess it went well, they just don't know how to keep still!!!! anyway, here are the butterfly headbands:

i was rushing slightly as they were made just before my shift - i had already wrapped embroidery threads around blank hair bands for another project that never finished, so all i had to do was cut out butterfly shapes from felt in different colours, and then cut the detailing out of black self-adhesive felt. which just leaves sticking one to the other and glue gunning the lot to the headband. for something so simple they ended up looking better than i had hoped! the flower hairbands were of the japanese-hair-flower variety, which turned out like this:

i'm pretty chuffed with these - they sold out! ...i may have bought the last one, but that still totally counts! : )

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