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Monday, 8 April 2013

super easy diy tassel tutorial and neon tassel necklace

i've been eying up tassel necklaces on pinterest so decided to make some of my own. there are LOTS of tassel making tutorials online, each one very similar to the next, mine's only a little bit different to the others, but i like it as it leaves you with a tassel that has a wider 'head' bit than some of the others.

you will need: embroidery thread and scissors, i have found that one skein of embroidery thread makes about one and a half of these 1 and 3/4 inch tassels.

first up, take your thread and wrap it around your index, middle and ring finders like so:

until it's about that thick. then pinch this group of threads together at the top (of your index finger) and slide/inch it off your hand, so that you're left with this:

now, take some more of your thread and tie it about half an inch or so down from where you're pinching it, around the whole thing so that it looks like this:

make sure you tie that knot tight! lastly you need to cut that bottom loop open and trim it until the bottom edge is even. hopefully you should now have a tassel! woohoo!

and now that you have a tassel, you can make cool stuff with it like this:

to make this neon tassel necklace i made three tassels; one yellow, one green and yellow, and one green. made two braids, you know, the ones you do in each others hair when you're a kid, where you make a thin plat and then wrap embroidery threads around it? yep, two of those (only with cord instead of hair running through them), add beads and findings and ta dah! a necklace : )

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