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Monday, 25 March 2013

very small card holder

i have been having some rather entrepreneurial thoughts lately, awesome ideas that were going to make me my millions by crafting for maybe an afternoon a week. one such idea was that i was going to make baby dresses - people spend a ton on them and they use up very little fabric, however, now that the fabric i've been ordering has stared to arrive.....i just want to make myself things! plus, people who don't have babies but do have lots of baby dresses can be a bit strange. so! i was having a browse online to see what people make with pretty fat quarters, and found a super quick and easy card holder by the lady at the crafty cupboard (that was a link to the instructions). here's my one:

it uses almost no fabric. which makes this almost free as i used a tiny bit from a green fat quarter i picked up off etsy for something like 87p, and an even smaller piece from a pink fat quarter which i grabbed at work for £1. i did use wadding instead of fusible fleece, because, well, i had no fusible fleece and wadding worked out great : ) also i made one pocket longer than the other so the most frequently needed cards are easier to get to than say, the loyalty cards and tickets and gumpf:

the only thing i would change is that i would make the pockets just a tiny bit bigger as at present they won't hold more than like 4 cards each, though i guess that's probably enough for the essentials.

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