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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

childish fascinator headbands: fox, bee, mouse and octopus

i got it into my head that i was going to make millions selling these silly things on etsy...but then ended up wearing them myself! so i guess they're not for sale:

they're really quite simple to make - wrap two embroidery threads around a thin band to get the stripe, securing with a little pva glue at the ends, then glue gun/sew netting to that, then pop a creature or anything else on top! the mouse and the bee are needle felted with seed beads for eyes:

the fox is made from sheet felt, glued together with buttons for eyes:

and the crochet octopus, well he had his own post a while back, but i trod on the head band and it snapped, hence the reincarnation here.

sorry there's no step-by-step with these, i made them aaaaages ago, and only just realised that i hadn't blogged about them yet : )

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