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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

patchwork quilt continued...

last august i started a patchwork quilt which, believe it or not, i am still working on. as i decided that i didn't want to buy any of the fabric for the quilt, and thus only use leftovers from other projects, it's taking longer than i originally thought it might. though as it requires 361 11cm squares, i guess i'm doing ok to only be this far:

sorry for the blurriness of the photo- it's almost the length of a double duvet now so to get it all in the photo i had to sit on my boyfriend's shoulders...despite this i still managed to cut a row of patches off the top there. it still needs to be a bit wider and slightly over twice the height, but i'm confident that i can get it finished before i leave uni in july. wish me luck!

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