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Sunday, 3 March 2013

felt 'love letter' envelope clutch bag

it's a bit silly, and would benefit from some pretty lining fabric to make to a tad more professional looking, but here's a little something i made earlier:

i'm not sure this is sophisticated enough to merit instructions - it's a very simple bag made from felt, sewn together with big running stitch. but it makes me happy so i thought i'd put it up : )


revised on 25.03.2013

here's a little doodle of the net for the bag, just pin together and hand stitch about 5mm from the edge in running stitch with embroidery thread : ) enjoy!


  1. Awwwwww, it's cute! I would like instructions please!!!x

  2. Thank you : ) i've added a little doodle to give you some idea as to the shapes of the pieces involved- so long as you keep the edges and bottom pieces the same width, and make the front and back the same height and width you'll be fine! sorry i didn't write back sooner - i've been working on my uni dissertation (all the posts this month so far were 'scheduled' posts as i knew i'd have too much work to do to have fun and make things!) I hope my doodle helps : )