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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

vintage style yarn wreath with felt birds

another piece of work i took home to do, my brief was to make a wedding/spring wreath. i didn't think the traditional spring pastel colours really lent themselves well to a wedding theme, so i went with a more vintagy thing which point i learnt just how hard it is to make things look 'vintage' without making them look 'old-womany'. here;s how it went:

i wrapped (very cheap) cream wool around the polystyrene ring, used sequin pins to attach peach coloured pearl beads all over and glue-gunned peach roses and a mossy-green bow to the bottom of it. next came the hard bit - what sort of birds won't make this all look terribly old ladyesque? i tried needle felting a couple first, that was a mistake, then i tried crochet lace, they were even worse, i mean, in there own right they were very pretty, but on the wreath they looked awful. so i did some minimalist dove type things out of felt with a bit of lace ribbon along the edges of the wings...i think i might have gotten away with it : s

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