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Saturday, 2 March 2013

'manly' DIY felt microwavable hand warmers

we may technically be in spring at the moment, but i'm in scotland, so it's still sub-zero here. i've seen quite a few of these hand warmers online, but so far they've mostly been more than a little bit girly. i wanted to make my boyfriend a pair that wouldn't be too embarrassing for him (crafting things for boys is so hard!) here's what i came up with:

ok, so the heart kind of defeats the object of the thing, but you could totally omit that bit.

i used: scissors, a sheet of grey felt, black embroidery thread, a needle with a large eye, some rice (and a bit of pink felt for the heart).

time: not that long, if you're good at blanket stitch then you can make these while watching tv.

step 1: cut out four matching rectangles form the felt, use your palm as a guide as to size.
step 2: blanket stitch two together, leaving a gap to pour the rice into.
step 3: pour in the rice - don't totally fill as you want it to be a bit bean-bagy.
step 4: continue with the blanket stitch until the while thing is sealed and tie off
(repeat steps 2 to 4 for the other one)
step 5: microwave for about 20 seconds on high and slip into gloves or pockets for cozy hands : )

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