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Thursday, 21 August 2014

tissue paper flowers - floofing tutorial

i am a (rather sporadic) letter writer. when sending letters i like to include a cute flat thing to make up for the potential lack of content in the actual letter. in my most recent bout of correspondence i sent many people a tissue paper flower, ready to be floofed up to full glory. yes, ok, when i say that i sent them tissue paper flowers, i do in fact mean that i sent them some coloured tissue paper which i had loving concertinaed, trimmed, and stapled in the middle. what they got looked much like this:

the very technical floofing process seems to have stumped some people though, so here's what you do.

1. expand the concertina like a fan:

2. pull up individual layers of tissue paper, it should start off looking like this:

2 continued. and go on to look like this:

3. now do the same thing to the other side, and, wait for've made a flower! well done!:

now to make this particular flower i used 4 sheets of pale orange, two sheets of dark orange and two sheets of red. layer squares of the same size in that order, concertina, staple, floof. 

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