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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

help! i'm a grown up making loom band chokers

my best friend got me into these - i swear it's not my fault! although...her work mate got her into i guess it's not her fault either. blame the workmate of my friend who i've never met before! that way, the blame is kind of dissipated, and we're left with these fab 90's-esque chokers:

the purple one is of the standard use-the-mini-plastic-faux-crochet-hook variety, the yellow and orange one is much the same but with a second layer of bands, and the pink and blue number is of the fish tail variety. now, i have just enough dignity left to not have actually purchased a loom, so i used a fork:

and then i had a hunt around pinterest and saw that people are making cool things like daisy chain bracelets and wanted one! but those are pretty complicated so actually need a loom....or do they...?

FORK DAISY!!!!! basically i followed the instructions on this youtube tutorial while substituting a loom for two forks held back to back : ) oh yeah- fork win.

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