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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

pompom edged pillow with a little butterfly embroidery

still on theme of trying to make my blank room a bit more homey - i got it into my head that pillows were the way forward. lots and lots of pillows. this is mostly because i hate the headboard on my bed, and it's not mine so i can't just paint it or upholster it or something proper like that. anyways, i only got around to making one of these pillows in the end which has turned out to be a good thing as i'll be moving house YET AGAIN next always, i find i own too much stuff.

here's a pillow:

now, making pillow covers is really easy - it's two rectangles of fabric sewn together with some sort of overlap and fastening thing going on so that you can put a pillow inside...usually. i however, cheated. this one doesn't have a pillow on the inside - it is literally two squares of fabric, sew together and stuffed like a really boring square teddy bear. this does of course mean that when i eventually do spill red wine on it i'll have to throw the whole thing into a washing machine and prey, but that's ok. The underside which you can't see started out life as an electric blue silk scarf, there's purple pompom edging along two sides and the top is from a tim holtz fat quarter with moths on. to make it slightly less beige i picked out one of the butterflies in embroidery:  

 i honestly defy anyone to try and tell me that i don't know how to have fun in my spare time.

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