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Saturday, 9 August 2014

speed sewing - wine bag

i have a tendency to leave things to the very last minute so that there's a mad dash to get everything sorted. this can be a little stressful but also very good fun! recently we lost one of our part timers at work as he went and got himself a proper job, i had said i would make him a wine bag with the canvas fabric he gave me at some naturally i waited until there was 20 minutes before i had to head to out to work my last shift with him before starting the little sewing project. here's what he ended up with:

all things considered, it did turn out rather well. i mean, despite my little cheapo sewing machine having real problems with the thickness of the canvas, and the fact that i was sort of making it up as i went along, and that at the last minute i realised i didn't have thread which matched the fabric.... other than all that, it went pretty well. it's basically a long rectangle with french seams up the inside sides, hemmed at the top, and with two handles sewn to that. 

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