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Monday, 28 January 2013

super cute needle felted hedgehog!

oh i must have too much time on my hands if i have time to make something like this:

i bought 3 different shades of natural wool roving (though 1 was just for the nose, which could totally have been a gold bead or something), totalling about £3.

to make:

i stabbed at the beige with my felting needle until it was a sort of pointy egg shape, rolled up 4 smallish bits of beige for the legs and stabbed at those until they resembled stubby sausages (about the width of a pencil), attached the legs by prodding them into the body with the needle, covered it's back with dark brown, stabbed a tiny spot of medium brown on the nose, sewed two black beads for eyes and did large irregular running stitches for his spikes.

i was so proud of this fellow that i carried him around in my pocket yesterday while at work - definitely managed to convince one customer that needle felting is very cool.

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