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Monday, 21 January 2013

1920's art deco style headdress

it was my birthday two days ago and i decided to make a thing of it - wine tasting, party bags, fabulous cake and glamorous attire. i must be watching too much poirot as my taste of late is taking a sparkly downwards turn (lots of OTT cocktail rings, red nails and red shoes), so, a headdress was in order! and here it is:

i must say that i am was rather pleased with how it went! i used stretchy sequined ribbon as the main band, sewed to that thick satin ribbon and a string of fake pearls. then out came the glue gun for the feather and broken hair clip centrepiece (gosh i love the accessorize sale - it's when they take out all their broken stock and sell it for 50p a pop....i must have spent about a tenner on broken jewellery and single earrings...).

so yeh, everyone was very complimentary and it cost me about £2.50 to make : ) i tried to take a photo of me wearing it...apologies for the mirror photo!

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