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Monday, 28 January 2013

bee shrinkles (shrinkies) silhouette ring

i've been rather fond of plastic silhouette rings ever since i saw the classic 'diamond' rings which come in bright colours and feature a very simple princess cut diamond in profile. the idea has come quite far since then and now you get all sorts - animals, words, stack rings which have the background on one ring, the foreground on the next and the thing in the scene in front (they're really cute!), but as i don't have access to the means to cut acrylic sheets with such detail i made mine from shrinkles instead:  
it's just what i had in mind! only problem is that it's just a tad too small for my middle finger, and looks odd on my ring finger...and is too big for my pinky : ( i thought i was being cleaver by making a shrinkles ruler first (drawing out an accurate ruler and then shrinking it so you know exactly how much it shrinks by and thus what size to make things), with which i then measured a ring that fits me, took the radius, used a protractor to draw the right size of circle and added my bee. next time i shall be more generous with my circle! other than that it looks really professional and has the same finish as the acrylic yay!

i think the next one will have to be a hedgehog silhouette ring : D

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