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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

painting a plate for mummy

it was my mothers birthday a few days ago and she asked for a nice little plate for having cake on. so i got a plain white plate, a blue pen that draws on top of glazed plates and set about drawing as much of the 'owl and the pussy cat' poem as i could on a small round surface (it's a cute poem, plus it gave me an excuse to draw a very stylised owl-and-cat-on-a-boat in the middle) here's how it went:

mummy took the photo - she included the neckerchief and cross stick key ring that i gave her (neckerchiefs are so cool!!!). i must say, quinces really are the most dull looking fruit to draw ever, other than that i think it looks rather nice....however, to my dismay, mummy thought it was so pretty that it would be a shame to eat off it, so it's going on display!!! how awful : ( whoever invented the plate stand should hang their head in shame. grrrr.


  1. And it's so adorable! Yes, I can confirm it's out of harm's way on a plate standand, next to the clay glitter vase you made, aged 6. Thank you!!! Mummy xxx :-)

    1. i'm glad you like it : ) hope the blue replacement was sort of what you had in mind xxx

  2. Oh yes! Thanks also for the other, more practical, blue plate - the perfect 'stunt double' for the owl & pussycat plate! :-) xxx

  3. This looks so cool! And your not gonna like me but I agree, it is way too cute to eat off of!