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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

feather shoe clips

the one thing about making stuff that i really do hate is that sometimes it turns out exactly as you had planned...and sometimes it really, really doesn't. take these shoe clips for example:

now one set (the pale grey ones) turned out all pretty and understated, the other set (peacock) are kinda gross. what's worse is that the grey ones i made for me and the gross ones i made as a present - i can't give those away! they're awful and i'll totally be judged forever as being the person who made the tacky peacock shoe clips : ( so i'm giving the ones that were meant for me i'm stuck with the monstrosities.
(to make shoe clips you'll need: shoe clips, felt, feathers, gem, glue gun and better taste and foresight than me)


  1. Where do you buy shoe clips from? I've never heard of them before!

  2. ebay! here are the ones i bought:

    they have two holes so you can sew or glue them onto stuff, and they don't damage your shoes! : )