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Monday, 24 September 2012

baker st pillow case - i am so not a natural at machine embroidery!

i wanted a baker street sign pillow case and figured it would be pretty cheap and easy to do, and there are so many ways on could do this; fabric paint, applique, permanent marker...but i thought i'd try my hand at something new- writing out the sign on using my sewing machine. it was so much harder to do than i had anticipated! especially the curved bit of the letters : ( here's how it went:

admittedly it didn't go badly enough that it hasn't ended up on a pillow, i probably should have ironed it first so i could take a better picture of it, but ironing pillow cases is wrong, just plain wrong. but yeh, basically i drew it in pencil straight onto the pillow, then i tried my damnedest to sew on top of the pencil.

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