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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

picture frame earring holder

ahhh the things you can do with old frames and muslin...and an old book, some flowers, a couple of christmas-cracker playing cards, bits of chain, used stamps, glue and card.

yesterday an old friend came over for a crafty sesh - we'd both gotten to the stage where having you're earrings in a jug or box meant that you never find the ones you want (this picture was taken after only a few went's totally full now!) so we got together, put some sherlock holmes in the background and got to work : ) i'm rather fond of how mine turned out.

now all i need is a super-massive wine glass to put all my necklaces and bracelets in...


  1. Get one of those wine glasses that holds a whole bottle of wine in it! :D But then also get another one of those glasses, because I want one too and I don't want to seem like an alcoholic ;)

    1. but where do you buy them?! i've been looking everywhere but can't find any : ( xxx

    2. I will go on a mission to find some funky ones :D