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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

emerald glitter heels!

i've been eyeing up youtube videos on how to glitter your shoes at home and now i've finally done it!

i love them so much! and they're so easy to do - i just sanded all the gumpf off a pair of old shoes (for 'gumpf' see 'glue gun glue and bubble wrap'....these shoes have had many fancy dress reincarnations), then i applied pva with a brush and sprinkled on glitter with a spoon. i mixed the standard green with a little black so they're not too bright, and finished with another layer of glue so i'll not shed glitter with every step.

oooooooooo! i want to wear these all the time!

shoes- £3 in the primark sale, a year and a half ago, glitter- about £4 (though i didn't need the medium, had loads left over), glue £1.50.


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  1. Hi! How did you find the glitter stayed on? I would be wearing with a very expensive full length ball gown and don't want to risk damaging the dresd