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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

getting lovely things in the post : )

today i received a very pretty letter from my mother, in it were these wonderful crochet flowers of her own making:

i didn't want to just have them somewhere in my i turned them into jewellery! i hope mummy doesn't mind:

: )


  1. Wow, those crochet flowers look superb - er, though I say so myself!! I love the jewellery idea... now why didn't I think of that??! Lots of love, Mummy xxxxx

    1. thank you! i've been using embroidery thread rather than the proper stuff so my flowers aren't nearly as delicate as yours! - i was going to be selling jewellery like this on etsy over the summer, but have had no time....sooon though : ) love, love, love, jasmine xxxxx