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Friday, 27 July 2012

christmas docraft demo-day prep.

: D

i get to have a go at being the awesome demo lady at work on saturday!!!! i'm so excited, i mean originally i was like 'it's way to early to be making christmas cards', but now i'm totally planning christmas 6 months early.... anyways, here are some examples i put together to get me started and make my demo table look nice on saturday:

 the docraft stuff i was given to play with is quite traditional - gold, cream, green, red, santa etc. so i tried a few things, there's a couple of mini ones (right), a little gift box, the on on its back is a bit distressed and has a rosette, and for the one at the back i tried to bring in some blues and silver for those who might not fancy the more traditional stuff.

oh i really am quite psyched about this!

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