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Friday, 22 June 2012

space invaders t-shirt dress

for a while now i've been wanting my dad to send me some of his old, extra large nerd t-shirts so i can make cool dresses out of them...but he's either not gotten around to it or he doesn't want to part with them : (

no matter though! as primark sell them for £3. so i made this:

i had planned to make one of those skimpy halter neck ones that you can make out of large men's tops pretty easily, but then i remembered that i had a cut-up black t-shirt from a previous project (i needed black fabric to make the black bit of the beak on a bjork swan dress). so i simply cut the main body of the large t-shirt into a trapezium that was smaller at the top (generic skirt shape), sewed up the sides, and sewed the whole thing to the bottom of the black top.

it took like 20 minutes max, and looks great on : ) very happy making! now if only i could persuade dad to send me some tops, i wouldn't have to dress shop for a while..... 

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