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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

dress 5 of 7: constallation dress

now i'm not sure if this is finished yet, it's had a couple of reincarnations already - most of which were too fussy, too look-at-this-i've-put-a-constallation-on-a-dress. all sequins and glitter. so i took out the stars, and was left with this gathering of runic amoeba which i rather like...though i get the feeling i'm going to have to explain what it is quite a lot:

so yes, i dyed one of the £1.99 H&M dresses deep blue, replaced the belt with a silver ribbon, and embroidered the southern hemisphere of the night sky across the front and right side. it's almost fancy now : )

it maybe could do with a circle around it - but that might make it look even more like the contents of a petri dish! so i think i'm just going to leave it as is.
you have no idea how many episodes of various shows i managed to get through while doing this embroideries.

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