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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

arg! i've run out of wrapping paper!

i had 30 minutes before one of my favourite people on the planet was due to come over....she's headed to america for 3 months....i hadn't got around to wrapping her going away survival what did i do? i made a purple draw-string bag with green ribbon to put the pressies in : )

inside it there was a copy of the great gatsby, a copy of alice in wonderland (last time she went i gave her english classics, thought i'd go american this time), a whisky miniature for trading purposes as americans love scotch, my old mini radio with some cute cupcake headphones (she's a baker in the making), actual chocolate as you don't get that in america and a cartoon doodle of the two of us in a frame.

....sometimes i go a little over the top with gifts....

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