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Saturday, 9 June 2012

homemade drinks cabinet : )

i have far too many little projects planned for the summer, one of which is to get very good at making cocktails. of course, if one is going to have a multitude of booze in the house one really ought to have a drinks cabinet...i'm not sure if i was going for the 80's art deco revival look or something a little more reminiscent of an early star wars piece? there wasn't a plan, it sort of just happened:

it took a couple of lazy days and lots of cardboard to make - yes, it's made from cardboard. i must say i'm quite pleased about the unnecessary door (the big hole in the middle of it makes opening and closing the thing a bit redundant). i cut a couple of corners on the construction side of things - instead of paper mache i used masking tape to tidy the cardboard edges, and it could really do with another coat of paint, but i'm hoping that any onlookers will be too merry to notice these things : )

the three holes are whisky bottle tubes, the rest i pilfered from the recycling. one last thing to add it going to be the lining at the bottom of the draw; i'm going to glue the foil wrappers from chocolate coins to it, it's not in keeping with the theme but i think it'll look cool.


  1. AHHHH! I am so jealous! That looks awesome! Well done =D

  2. thank you!!! it's not finished yet though - i'm thinking of covering it in hieroglyphs or something : D

  3. Seriously cool! I want to make one now!

    1. do it! it's so easy! but once it's made you've got to keep it full...otherwise it gets sad.