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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

strangers with drink-carton wallets

it was my last day of work last saturday. one of the customers during my last shift took out her wallet to pay and i went "o! that's an interesting wallet, i think i was drinking the juice that comes in that carton last night!" i think she was rather amused at my reaction to her purse as she gave me a spare that she had on her, one she made form a soya milk carton. it was very sweet of her : ) and following her pattern i made my own:

there are a few different examples online of carton wallets (there's even one with instructions by the people at disney which made me smile) but this one looks like it is simpler than all the rest - simply flatten a carton, letting the sides fold inwards, cut a flap at the top and fold the rest in half. then all you need to do is use two paper clips to hold the two halves together, puch a hole in the flap and attach something stretchy to it - the lady used an elastic band, i used gold strechy thread. i modified her patttern slightly as i noticed that the cardboard bunches when it folds at the bottom as the card is quite thick and there are essentially 8 bits being folded together - so i cut out a strip of card on the inside of the major bottom fold, a sort of drastic kind of scoring a fold if you get what i mean. it made it a bit neater anyway, though it will no doubt only last a week or so i am very much looking forward to using it and having shop people comment on it like i did. 

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