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Thursday, 17 May 2012

dress 4 of 7: charming dip dye dress

i'm still 'learning' egyptian hieroglyphics, and i wanted to try my hand at dip dying one of the h&m dresses so i combined the two : ) i dyed the dress purple and sewed a green patch to the back which says to charm in hieroglyphs- here's the result:

dip dying was more tricky than i thought it would carpet got a little splashed! in essence all you need a plastic bag with no holes in and some string (plus dye and the thing you want to dye, obviously) and you protect the bit you don't want to get dye on, in my case the bottom, inside the bag which you've fastened by tying string around it. to dip die you dye a bit, then protect a section with the plastic, and then dye the remainder, then tie a bit more off inside the plastic, and repeat until you're happy. i only got to do two levels as i got a phone call mid way through (telling me i got the job at hobbycraft! yay!!!) which meant that i was super happy but also that my dress had been in the dye too long and wasn't going to get any more layers was out of the question. but it still looks goooood! to finish i added the patch on the back and a belt from the 60's : )


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    1. thanks sarah! it's lots of fun to wear, though i'm afraid i've only had a couple of chances to wear it so far x

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