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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

the paper mache pig that was not

so i've been to two caleighs in the last week - at some point i ended up taking a balloon home...obviously it got paper mached! it was to be a piggy bank, a beautiful work of art with loo roll tube feet and nose and a plucky, optimistic expression. it went badly wrong when i realised that i had run out of white paint - i thought that perhaps if i paper mached a white layer and then painted very watery red it would come out pink. i was wrong, not about the pink bit - the colour was fine, but i had to make the red so watery that i had to do many layers, i was impatient, it got soggy, it fell apart, i was sad.

so i made a very quick homage to that piggy bank in the form of a cardboard box covered in ripped up origami paper, paper covered bottle top nose and pokey up card ears. he still has quite an optimistic expression and he holds money, so it could be worse : )

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