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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

very quick apron : )

if i am going to host a thing with cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches then i simply have to have a pretty's one i made a couple of nights ago, it took an episode of poirot to make (less than an hour), and it's all hand sewn:

sorry the pic is a bit blurry! it's just two bits of fabric and some ribbon; for the larger piece of fabric it's hip-to-hip plus 50% wide and as long or short as you fancy, the smaller bit is, well, like a hand span smaller all the way around. curve the bottom two edges of each bit, pin, get some embroidery thread and do a big statement running stitch for the hems. then do a running stitch along the top edges and pull so that they gather, to finish sew both to a nice thick ribbon.

now i just have to make cakes and whatnot.

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