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Sunday, 3 February 2013

subtle gryffindor embroidered loafers

i've had a craving for red shoes lately, funds being low i was rather happy when i saw that primark have done plain loafers in red AND  there were in the sale (primark sale - it's like they're giving stuff away!). so i got out some gold embroidery thread and this is the result:

i was just going to copy the gryffindor crest straight onto each toe, but thought that that would be a bit obvious...i am 23 after all, and as such need to give off some air of grown-up-ness...

anyway, embroidering cheap loafers is really easy, can look effective and is a great way to get a totally unique pair of shoes. as these are fake suede i was able to draw my designs on to them with a standard pencil and go over it with running stitch. simple. well, the closer you get the the end of the toe area, the harder it is to get at the needle from inside the shoe, but apart from that it's all pretty simple : )

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