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Thursday, 28 February 2013

making pretty pink sugar hearts

now, credit where credit's due, i nabbed this off kirstie allsopp's vintage gems.......don't judge me! however i did alter the method slightly so that i didn't have to wait all night for them to finish, and honestly, i might start making these all the time - they're so quick and cute!:

you'll need: chocolate/candy mould tray (about £2.50), white caster sugar, water, food colouring.

time: depends how quick you are/how many you make - but not that long. drying time about two hours ish.

step 1: fill a standard cereal bowl with sugar, add 1 teaspoon of water, mix until totally integrated.
step 2: add one or two drops of your chosen food colouring, mix.
step 3: spoon into the moulds, and press down as hard as you can - try and keep the edges tidy and the backs flat.
step 4: place flat thing (i used a chopping board) on top of the mould, flip, and lift the mould off carefully.
step 5: leave the hearts to dry for like an hour or two - resist the urge to prod them at the beginning, as they will disintegrate.
step 6: enjoy in super decadent tea/make some more in different colours : )

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