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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

post halloween post

oh halloween! oh how great an excuse you make for people to dress up and make the costumes they dress up in! i had cause to make three costumes this year : D

the first was a very thrown together yet pretty effective transylvanian (i was at a rocky horror drinking game party thing, it was ace):

not the best photo in the world ever but you get the idea - i had about 20 minutes before my shift to throw together a mini felt top hat (very quick sewing job with some glue gun action) and a bow tie (ribbon, glue gun and self adhesive velcro). i already had the wig, sunglasses, white waistcoat, white gloves, black trousers and mock dance shoes....all i needed was a trip to the primark sale rail for a black blazer covered in ducks and some white socks. the overall effect was quite good, even if i do say so myself.

next came the day to do fancy dress at work, we were originally going to do a doctor who themed thing, and i was to be a tardis...but as you may have guessed with the rush preceding the last outfit, i've been rather pressed for time of late, and so had no tardis to speak of! luckily the theme was abandoned so i was able to pop into work 40 minutes before my shift started and made this:

yes that's right, i went a bit more traditional than i usually would with this stuffed-socks-hanging-from-elastic-look-at-me-i'm-a-bouncy-spider outfit. i must say that sticking googly 6 googly eyes to my face with eyelash adhesive (it really is the best stuff for sticking things to your skin!) was what made the outfit.

the last outfit was a bit more meta - i went to see a play on halloween (dracula, i had some friends in it, it was really good) dressed as a media whore. which involved wearing this wig:

which i made out of the adverts in the latest issue of vogue (here modelled by my teddy bear terry, for paper wig-making instructions see martha stuarts website...i went a bit mad with it), teamed with shoes i couldn't walk in, wet look leggings, a strapless top and a fur coat - i know that this is nowhere near as scantily clad as many girls go on halloween, and as a "whore" i should maybe have had more flesh on display, but aberdeen is cold ok. really, really cold. we'd had proper snow a few days before.

so yeh, that was my halloween. hope you all had a good one too!

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