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Thursday, 11 October 2012

velvet ribbon belts

i've discovered something both brilliant and terrible - martha stuart is a real life human being! she's not just a crazy american social ideal!! AND she has a craft section on her website...some of the stuff on there is very stepford housewife, but some of the stuff is rather good. take these velvet ribbon belts for example, they're simple, easy, and look great in a elegantly minimalist sort of way. here are the two i made:

the midnight blue one is for the waist and the black one is for the hips. they don't take too long to make and the materials are cheap (£2 per belt), the only set back for me was finding the right colour of velvet- i want all the colours! the link above has good instructions but i would add that you can use any iron-on hemming web type thing and it'll still work, and that i have no clue as to how long a yard is - so for ribbon length just wrap it around your waist, add a bit for the excess and double as the belt is double sided.  have fun : )

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