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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

map duffle bag

this one has been in the pipe line for a while now. i find it really hard to find a bag that i like (don't have this problem with shoes, there are always pretty shoes everywhere), so i decided to make one:

i got map fabric from etsy, the grey fabric from my grandad, and my wobbly sewing machine skills from a hatred of projects that take too long to finish. it's a really simple design that i made up as i went along - round bottom, straight sides, sew together, make lining that does the same thing, add handle, sew everything together, realise that "tap firmly with hammer" written on the back of the eyelet packet means "bash frantically with hammer for blooming ages and annoy one's flatmates", roll and sew remaining map fabric for the drawstring, and sew two small bits of the tougher fabric together to make that bit that keeps the bag shut. (yes that's right, i do instructions now!) all in all i'm really quite happy with it : )

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