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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

cute felt fox collar

so cute! so simple! i hate that this is not of my own design!- i was browsing image search for cute felt brooches yesterday when i stumbled upon these felt fox collars and i simply had to make my own (cheaper) version. it was really easy and quick, and it cost less than 50p in materials - one felt sheet, a little bit of white felt for the tail and face, two spare buttons that came with a cardie, and a popper to fasten. i may line it with a pretty ditsy fabric if it gets worn a lot. anyways - to get the pattern started i looked for a top that had the right neck line and drew around it, then freestyled a fox. it's really quite effective on...starting to wonder what other woodland beasties i can drape about my shoulders for autumn...tehehe : )

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