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Friday, 16 March 2012

making things for mothers day

my mother is rather wonderful, and in her characteristically subtle way sent me a knitting pattern for a 3D dove she wanted me to make for the occasion. the only problem is i haven't knitted in years! and the pattern was a hard one. i hope she doesn't mind - i designedand made her a crochet one instead:

i kept the pink beak and red eyes from the knitting pattern, and kind of made up the body shape as i went's a little wonky, and the wings are far too curly, but hopefully she'll think it's charming : ) all i had to get was the wool, the beaks made form embroidery thread and it's stuffed with a sock that lost its friend. i also made her some bracelets with the quote from julian of norwich which she likes. it's all a bit childish this year, but hey - that's as good a theme as any.

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